Pre-order updates

Enamel pins (Group A)

Time travel  •  Donutello  •  Coffee owl     Ninja avocado  

•  I need a break  •  Reach for the stars

  • Pre-ordering Campaign: November 20th to December 10th (IN PROGRESS)
  • Shipping to distribution center: ETA December 1st (COMPLETED)
  • Shipping to Customers: ETA December 10th (IN PROGRESS) 


Enamel pins (Group B)

5 more minutes  •  The Grootfessional  •  I wasn't listening 

  • Pre-ordering Campaign: Starts November 20th (IN PROGRESS)
  • Pin production: ETA December 27th (PINS CURRENTLY UNDER PRODUCTION)
  • Shipping tu distribution center: ETA December 30th (PENDING)
  • Shipping to Customers: ETA January 2020 (PENDING) 

IMPORTANT: If you purchase an item from group B, along with an item from group A, your order will be shipped on January, please keep this in mind.



We want to thank everyone that made this book possible! Thank you, friends, for supporting our project and pre-ordering the first Wawawiwa book in english. The book is currently under production, it should be ready by October 22nd, 2019.

You can read below all the details, we will keep this updated.


  • Pre-ordering Campaign: August 18th to September 18th (COMPLETED)
  • Book production: ETA October 22nd (COMPLETED)
  • Shipping from factory: ETA November 11TH (COMPLETED)
  • Shipping to Customers: Second week of November (IN PROGRESS) 


UPDATE (December 4th): Everything has been sent! :) 


Estimated time of delivery:

- United States shipping (4-5 business days after fulfillment)

- International shipping  (12-14 business days after fulfillment)



All the people who participated will receive a 6.3" x 6.3" hardcover book, with 140 pages. A visual hug is a compilation of published comics and a few new ones.