The shark toy!

We wanted to start 2020 with a big bang! After a couple months of brainstorming and the help of our online friends, we've decided to create our first collectible toy / lamp. This is the 3D model we will be using for this art figure.



Right now, we are a bit limited with funds, which makes things a bit difficult. Bio-based materials to make a product are really expensive, and specially, when we will be manufacturing such a small production of 250-500 pieces. But still, our main idea is to make a functional, non-toxic and recyclable product that lasts a long time in your home. 

One step at a time

We will be taking small steps to reach this new goal we have, which is not just working hard to make beautiful merchandise, but being conscious about the impact these products might have on our planet after they complete their useful life. So, the lamp will have a LED light and a power cord, no batteries will be needed. The packaging will be a simple recyclable cardboard box with no unnecessary plastic parts, but it will still protect the product from traumas it might suffer during shipment.

Donating for ocean's conservation

If we find a home for more than 500 of these toys, we will be donating a small part of the profits to a foundation. This foundation will be Fundación marviva, an ocean conservation initiative with a branch in Colombia, this is where we live!

Pre-order in March

Stay tuned in March for the chance to pre-order this beautiful art toy. Aside from all this, we will have a worldwide shipping option. So you will be able to purchase it from anywhere in the world!

This is the comic that inspired the toy. Thanks, friends, for all your support so far. 

 Got any questions? Send us a message!